esports isn't just a hobby anymore.

Overall Esports Stats For 2020

The esports industry growth is already staggering and continuing to grow exponentially each year.


Total Prize Money


Total esports Tournaments


Total Active esports Players

Every other sport has a pathway ...except esports

Our goal is to change that – starting now.

Youth sports works as a professional pathway because there is a clear and consistent structure for personal growth and development. For some kids sports will only ever be hobby, but for those with the skills, talent and determination, organized sports provides the credible resources to help those kids to advance towards a professional career.


Our vision is to provide these same professional resources and credible track record to help kids who have the passion and talent for esports to have the same professional opportunities as their friends in traditional sports.

With Pythos, esports can be an opportunity for everyone

At PYTHOS we are taking a stand for equal opportunity. 

esports can be a unique chance to expand competitive youth sports to communities and individuals from all backgrounds crossing gender, race, orientation, economic lines to build a new community bonded together through a new common interest. We intend in invest and operate PYTHOS according to this standard forever.