Your path to pro esports Taking your gaming skills to the next level with PYTHOS. When you join a PYTHOS club you'll work with pro esports players each week to learn what only the pros know. Then test your skills against local friends over a competitive 10 week season and see for yourself if you have what it takes. Learn More Partner with PYTHOS We can help you launch and run your own local esports club. Our turnkey online platform makes it easy for you to offer your community a professional esports club experience - without any technical or gaming experience required.  Learn More Yes. esports really is this big. In just a few years, esports has grown into a $2 billion (yes, billion) industry. What was once a just bedroom hobby is now a mainstage international entertainment industry, offering  many diverse, and often high-paying career opportunities. Learn More


Compete against your local friends across different esports titles over a series of 10-week seasons. Each season leads to a tournament to test your skills on the competitive stage. Think you have what it takes?


Imagine learning directly from the pro esports players who compete in your favorite titles. Each season you’ll have access to custom online courses created by the pros themselves.


Every week you’ll unlock a new online lesson and live coaching session lead by an actual pro esports player in the game you’re signed up for. You’ll learn directly from their tips, tricks and and pro experiences.


Our whole purpose is to help young amateur players find the most direct path to going pro in the esports industry – as players, coaches, or even league managers. The sky is the limit!

esports isn't just a hobby anymore.

Built for players,
by pro players.

The content, organization and career development aspects of Pythos are 100% geared to the needs of today’s esports audience, because it was built from the ground up by professional esports players and industry veterans. In esports, authenticity matters. You have to know what players and clubs need or it won’t work. We’ve definitely got that covered.

one platform, unlimited possibilities.

PYTHOS is designed to provide a turnkey solution for a community or organization  that wants to offer a competitive esports club. PYTHOS is a social network, online learning portal, league manager and membership solution all rolled into one. On top of that, we help you run your club and deliver access to professional esports players and experts to add real world experience to your community.


PYTHOS delivers a private social network for each club that helps members discover and connect with other local eports players. Members can chat in groups and interact with their pro coaches in online forums and live Zoom meetings each week of the season.

Online learning portal

Featuring a complete learning management system, the PYTHOS portal let's players learn directly from esports pros across a series of lessons and courses. These unique courses are designed to help players learn from the real world insights and experience that only a pro can offer.

esports league manager

Each season will be managed by a PYTHOS league manager with tools to share each player's game schedules, results and leaderboards. Each player can track their progress and see how they are ranking against other club members. It's a truly a turnkey experience.


One of the most unique benefits of PYTHOS is our partnerships with pro esports players. They bring a truly unique set of experiences directly to our club members through live weekly coaching and online courses across each game title to directly share their professional experience.

build your esports resume with pythos

Today esports doesn’t benefit from the same well developed pathways to professional careers as traditional sports. With PYTHOS we intend to fix that.   Our vision is to be able to provide players with a custom and certified esports resume that will demonstrate a data-driven record of experience, results, education and community engagement. Each player will have a access to a complete online resume that can shared with potential professional teams, organizations, and the gaming industry.