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Pythos is your solution for a turnkey local esports club

Esports isn’t just a hobby anymore, it’s a legitimate multi-billion dollar part of the global video game industry. Young players and fans are driving this worldwide revolution, but today there are limited options on how to go “pro”. Unlike traditional sports there just aren’t any clear pathways to a professional career in esports. Our platform is designed from the ground up to be the answer to that need.


We’ve designed the right combination of experience, expertise and education into one seamless platform that offers the most direct path from being a young videogame amateur into a legitimate pro.

Pythos offers everything you need to start and run a local esports club for your community

Private Online Portal

Well provide you with a private local portal to setup, recruit and manage your own local esports club. Your PYTHOS club portal will let players register, interact, access courses & coaching, club schedule and results. Everything you need in a single place. We’ll even set it all up and run it for you.

Online Courses

We’ve partnered with top esports pro gamers to design and produce custom online courses that teach your gamers how to learn and play each title at a competitive level. Each course is thoughtfully designed to help even first time players learn the essential skills they need but also give more advanced players new insights and tips to improve also.

Pro esports Coaches

Every athlete needs a coach. A great coach helps you understand the game and show you how to improve your performance in ways that you can’t always see. That’s why we have enlisted pro esports players to work directly with your players on a weekly basis through live video coaching sessions.

Online Tournaments

Each local club is designed as a series of 10 week seasons. Each week players will be matched up with other players in their selected game as well as time for coursework, practice and coaching. The final week of each season features a tournament to determine the top player in each title.

Choose from Several popular esports titles

esports are played across a number of game categories. PYTHOS offers players the opportunity to play and learn across a number of the top esports titles. From current sports titles like EA NFL MADDEN and Rocket League, to classic fighting games like Street Fighter V and others, there is something for everyone’s interest. 



Pro EA Madden Player

Tournament Commentator

Virtual Coach in EO MADDEN 20



Pro Street Fighter Player

Tournament Commentator


Running a successful esports club – that’s designed to help your players actually learn and grow as competitive gamers – requires more than just online matchmaking tools. At PYTHOS we are committed to elevating the amateur gamer into a professional esports experience. That’s why we partner with esports pros to both teach and coach your players along with a professional club manager to help support and run your club. If you want to be a pro, you need to train like one too.

pro esports courses

For each game we have partnered with pro players to develop custom online courses that are specific to competitive play. These courses give your players a unique advantage to learn best practices and tips directly from players who have already played these games from a professional competitive stage. PYTHOS is more than play, it’s about growth. With the ability to access and learn on-demand through our online portal, your players will be able to develop better skills from any device.

coaching by esports pros

At PYTHOS we truly believe that in order to truly grow as a competitive gamer it’s essential to learn from a pro. That’s why we’re partnering with top pro players in each game we offer to provide your local players with the unique opportunity to meet, learn and interact directly with professional esports gamers. This unique opportunity to get direct experience from a pro is an invaluable part of the experience that we can deliver with PYTHOS. Each week your local players will have an opportunity to join a live video call to get direct coaching and experience sharing.

No esports experience needed.

Pythos provides you with:


Common questions...

Do we need to provide any equipment?

No, the PYTHOS club portal is available online and is the hub that the entire club runs through, including the community communication, online courses, scheduling and coaching sessions. Your players will need to have either a SONY Playstation or a Microsoft XBOX console, along with a copy of whicherver game they choose to participate in.

Is the club online or in person?

The club is designed to be run 100% online through your custom local club portal. If you have a local facility to host meetups or after school sessions, you certainly can do that also but it's not required to run the club.

Do we need to provide any staff?

It's not required as our dedicated Club Manager will be responsible for setting up, managing and supporting your club and each season. You just need to bring kids who are ready to play, learn and grow their esports skills.

If you have a someone who would like to be involved in running or supporting your PYTHOS Club we can certainly accommodate that as well.

What else is required?

To fully participate and have the best experience, your club members will need their own consoles and games but also access to a computer or smartphone with high-speed internet access. A few apps that will be used throughout the season include Discord, Zoom and Twitch.

Have more questions?

Just reach out to us and we'll be happy to help. Drop us an email at info@pythos.gg.