Each club follows a pre-planned and turnkey 10-week season format

One portal to run your whole esports club

The Pythos club portal is your central command center to access everything you need to participate including your profle, online community chat, game courses, video chat, league schedules and much more.

To keep things easy and accessible for everyone Pythos currently supports console based games from SONY Playstation and Microsoft XBOX

Each club can choose from select epsorts titles including:

  • EA Sports Madden
  • RocketLeague
  • Street Fighter V / Tekken
  • Super Smash Bros.

Each club can be run completely online or supported at a local in person facility if available in your community

  •  Madden
  •  Rocket League
  •  Street Fighter
  •  Tekken
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One: Pre-Season

Once your club site is launched we’ll help you configure, onboard, train and setup the club for each 10-week league season. Our Club Manager will assist with registrations, scheduling, technical assistance and be a general guiding hand to help get your league up and running.

Two: 9-Week Season

During the regular 9-week season of your club, players will participate in a series of activities each week designed to help them develop skills and experience in a competitive format. Each week combines online lessons and practice, with scheduled gameplay against other club members and a weekly group coaching session with a pro esports player.

Three: Season end tournament

Esports only matters if there is a competition to determine the best of the best. Each club season will culminate in a tournament featuring each game from your club. All players will have a shot to compete and will be seeded based on their season 1-on-1 game rankings. The tournament will be live streamed and will determine who will be awarded the ultimate season champion.

Common questions...

Do we need to provide any equipment?

No, the PYTHOS club portal is available online and is the hub that the entire club runs through, including the community communication, online courses, scheduling and coaching sessions. Your players will need to have either a SONY Playstation or a Microsoft XBOX console, along with a copy of whicherver game they choose to participate in.

Is the club online or in person?

The club is designed to be run 100% online through your custom local club portal. If you have a local facility to host meetups or after school sessions, you certainly can do that also but it's not required to run the club.

Do we need to provide any staff?

It's not required as our dedicated Club Manager will be responsible for setting up, managing and supporting your club and each season. You just need to bring kids who are ready to play, learn and grow their esports skills.

If you have a someone who would like to be involved in running or supporting your PYTHOS Club we can certainly accommodate that as well.

What else is required?

To fully participate and have the best experience, your club members will need their own consoles and games but also access to a computer or smartphone with high-speed internet access. A few apps that will be used throughout the season include Discord, Zoom and Twitch.

Have more questions?

Just reach out to us and we'll be happy to help. Drop us an email at